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Student Portfolio


Why do we have a review process?

  • Assessment of work and progress to ensure preparedness for upper division studio coursework
  • Ensure top quality and motivation in OPDD program
  • To best utilize faculty and facility capacities
  • To build skills to present yourself professionally for internships, interviews, job applications, and ultimately a career in the competitive outdoor industry. 

When is the review?

  • Spring of second year in OPDD
  • This gives enough classwork to present yourself well
  • Review Packet due at the end of March of sophomore year
  • Results provided in April – prior to fall registration
  • Everyone must submit during your second year of OPDD curriculum (not based solely on overall credits) in order to advance within the program. 
  • Those in their first year should start planning/creating early         

 OPDD students

  • Review Packet Requirements

    toolsComposed of:


    • 10 samples of work (called "chapters): each defended using 100 words, 10 images. Tells the journey of the problem to solution to outcome of a design (product).

    • 6 of 10 items must be physical items, 4 can optionally be conceptual or sketches. 

    • 8 of 10 should be presented as .pdf narrative while 2 of 10 can be free-form presentation in personal choice. A powerpoint presentation is a good creative work format that can then be converted to .pdf while retaining the creative elements. If you wish, one or both of the remaining two chapters may be presented as a website, a video, or an alternative digital format. This is optional and all 10 may be still presented in the powerpoint. This file must be no larger than 6mb.

    • The samples of work must be your own original, personal work. They can be from assignments in classes or from outside of class. If the product is from group work and others were involved in the creation, due credit and permission should be given in writing.

       Supporting Documents

    • Statement of Intent: 600 words - this is an explanation of why you are in OPDD, where you are going, where you are now, what is your involvement in the outdoor industry as a whole

    • Resume: 1 page

    • Transcripts (can be unofficial)


    All of the opdd faculty will be involved in the evaluation process. The number of students enrolled each year in studio classes is determined by available facility and faculty resources.  

    The submissions will be evaluated on:
    Quality of problem -> solution ->outcome
    Professionalism & Guidelines 
    All students must submit a portfolio in the spring of their second year to showcase their growth and abilities. This review provides evidence that the student is prepared and ready to advance within the program to intense, upper division studio coursework.