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REI Talks Product Development at USU

Chase Anderson


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Colin Quinn
Colin Quinn, product developer at REI

Students in the Outdoor Product Design and Development program at Utah State University have the option of learning about being a product designer or a product developer. Colin Quinn, a product developer from Seattle-based REI, visited aspiring outdoor product students to share his thoughts on product development as a career and his experience at REI.

Quinn explained the process from the product line managers’ initial concept and market research to product design and then to product development. Product development is a critical piece to ensure that the aspirational product vision from designers can be properly executed and can actually be produced in a reasonable way.

Product developers can expect to focus on the details of product development including testing, sourcing of factories, and understanding costs of materials and processes.

Quinn presented an exciting pathway for any student interested in product development during his visit.

Colin Quinn's enitre presentation and an interview from the Highlander Podcast be be enjoyed below.

Industry collaborations made possible through the Manufacturing and Outdoor Products Support Hub, a partnership between Utah Manufacturing Extension Service and Outdoor Product Design & Development.