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Intern Spotlight - Jordan Jensen

Chase Anderson


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Jordan Jensen
Jordan Jensen outside Aether HQ in Los Angeles, CA

While students learn the fundamentals of developing products in Utah State University’s Outdoor Product Design and Development (OPDD) program, it’s during their time in internships where they channel their knowledge into real-world applications.

Jordan Jensen, an incoming senior, completed an internship this summer to get a taste of what the industry is like and understand the value he can add to a design team. Jensen was fortunate enough to work with the California-based, high-end outerwear brand, Aether.

While at Aether, Jensen participated in various stages of the design and development process, and was able to contribute because of the knowledge he gained in OPDD courses. One of his initial tasks was to create and manage Aether’s materials library. Jensen said this was a great opportunity to gain a more in-depth knowledge of textiles.

“Aether had me create a textiles library. We have hundreds and hundreds of fabric headers from mills and vendors that have been hanging for years,” he said. “I built a metal structure with racks to organize all the headers in alphabetical order based on mill names and type of fabrics. It was an opportunity to put my hands on hundreds of textiles.”

Jensen also had the opportunity to use his knowledge to work with the design team on color selection for product lines. The pinnacle of his experience was selecting one of the colors for the Fall 2019 line. Additionally, Jensen spent a lot of time working directly with his design director to provide technical drawings for product lines and expand on those ideas with feedback from the team.

During his internship, Jensen also completed development tasks which included updating and inputting technical specifications for products in the company’s product line management (PLM) tool.

Throughout the course of Jensen’s internship, he applied knowledge and skills gained in class, learned new skills and provided real value to the company. He said there were several classes in the OPDD program that were especially helpful in completing his internship. 

“The program has prepared me in many ways. I have to give Andrea Olsen [adjunct faculty member] a shout out,” he said. “Her classes prepared me for so much of what I’m doing, from line sheet and key looks practice, to tech pack updates and Illustrator drawing skills…I also used skills and knowledge from the textiles science class frequently. Obviously, the sewing classes have helped me become a better designer as I think about construction of garments.”

Jordan is a fantastic student who is proving his skills and will make a real impact in the industry, not only during internships, but in his future career.