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Intern Spotlight - Doug Hintze

Mady Koller


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Doug Hintze spent the summer interning for Utah-based Klymit

Opportunities in the Outdoor Product Design and Development program come in all shapes, sizes, and ways. Faculty and staff go above and beyond to help students make real-world connections to the outdoor industry early on in their degrees; industry partners like Klymit are happy and willing to provide a door into the industry through internships; and extracurricular clubs/groups that allow students to learn and stretch their skills. This wealth of resources has helped students be constantly on the lookout for opportunities to be seized.

Doug Hintze, a junior in the OPDD program, seized his opportunity when he reached out via LinkedIn to one of the product designers for Klymit. After corresponding a short-while, Doug prepared a portfolio to send to Klymit and later was offered an internship in the company's Product Design and Development Department.

During his time at Klymit, Doug was able to work with each member of the Klymit design team in the product category that they manage. Doug says he "... learned from their design process and experience as well as implementing different things learned in the OPDD courses.”

Working intimately with the Product Development Team has also led him to the opportunity of taking the lead on a new product being designed. His duties included “design, development, prototyping, testing, and all responsibilities in between.”

Doug says the thing he has loved about working at Klymit was the team mentality and the atmosphere of innovation that it fosters. “Something I have noticed in my own design process [is that] while working alone you can get stuck with tunnel vision, idea obsession, and loss of inspiration.” He explained that though they each have their own categories to manage, design team members come together multiple times a week to discuss ideas, collaborate and solve problems. Doug adds, “This is a huge help when it comes to creating unity as a team and completing the end goals of creating a great product."

Firsthand experience is invaluable to the students of OPDD. It allows students to observe the current goings on and inner trends in the industry, while also helping them develop expectations for their own futures. Doug’s own goals to innovate and push boundaries have only been cemented by his time at Klymit.