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Goal Zero Founder Speaks to Outdoor Product Design Students

Chase Anderson

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Outdoor Product Design and Development students were privileged to learn from guest speaker Robert Workman in a recent industry seminar class. Robert is best known for his founding of Goal Zero, a portable power and energy company, and his work building Provo Craft. More recently, Robert has been busy building his next company, Barebones Living, an outdoor lifestyle brand that designs and manufactures products for campers, gardeners, and outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to founding three successful companies, Robert is a dedicated humanitarian, using commerce to create jobs and the company’s products to help people in need.  Most recently Barebones Living provided supplies both to disaster-ridden Puerto Rico and California.

Throughout his seminar with the product design students, Robert emphasized discovering your core values as an individual and making sure you live those values and identify brands that share your values to work with and support.

Barebones Living currently employs Christian Halling, an Outdoor Product Design & Development student, as an intern. Christian said that interning for Barebones, “has given me a lot of flexibility to learn as a designer. I have been able to own real products and grow through real industry encounters.” During the seminar, Christian shared some of his experiences with the design process at Barebones Living, as well as sketches and 3D models of products he’s worked on that are either going to production or are currently being sold by Barebones.

Industry collaborations made possible through the Manufacturing and Outdoor Products Support Hub, a partnership between Utah Manufacturing Extension Service and Outdoor Product Design & Development.