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Student Portfolio

All students intending to advance into the upper division or final two years of the program must submit a portfolio of their work to determine preparedness for studio coursework


Why is there a portfolio review process?

  • Assess work and progress to ensure preparedness for upper division studio coursework
  • Ensure top quality and motivation in OPDD program
  • Optimize faculty and facility capacities
  • Build presentation and professional development skills for internships, interviews, job applications, and ultimately a career in the competitive sports and outdoor industry. 

When is the review?

  • Spring of second year in OPDD
  • Students must meet with their Academic Advisor to create a long term plan and ensure that they have all prerequist classes completed or in progress prior to submitting a portfolio in the Spring. All long term plans must be created with the Academic Advisory prior to the Friday of dead week during the Fall Semester.
Contact your Academic Advisor to create a long-term plan, HERE.

  • Review Packet due the last day of February during their Sophomore year.
  • Results provided prior to fall registration
  • Everyone must submit portfolio during the second year of OPDD curriculum (not based solely on overall credits) in order to advance within the program. 
  • Those in their first year should are encourage to meet with an Academic Advisor and begin creating a long term plan to ensure all they are on track.

Review Packet must include:
-Design Statement
-Current Transcripts